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'Fog Island' - A3 Limited Print

Created for Illustrators Ireland group exhibition 'In Memory of the Future Exhibition' honouring the late Illustrator Tomi Ungerer. 


High quality Archival Art Print.

Printed on 300gsm paper

Available Sizes: A3 (297 x 420mm)


My love and curiosity for mystery Islands and unchartered lands instinctively led me on my own journey of discovery to map Tomi’s ‘Fog Island’. Here is what I have discovered. 


Fog Island’s elusive nature makes it invisible to those sailing the surrounding seas, leaving little knowledge about its existence. The Island's last confirmed sighting placed it somewhere off the West coast of Ireland, where two children found themselves washed ashore by powerful currents. 

Perpetually wrapped in a dense fog it ebbs and flows with an otherworldly rhythm. Ancient stone ruins, battered by time and weather, adorn the landscape. It’s jagged edges defiant against the relentless crashing of Atlantic waves. It is said that sea spirits guide only the most deserving souls safely to the island. Respect is a requirement here, rewarding only those with pure hearts who approach it with reverence. 

At heart of the island stands the towering pinnacle, accessible only by a steep and crooked set of broken steps, leading to the renowned Tower of the Wise. 

The north is a treacherous domain claiming the lives of sailors attempting to navigate its perilous waters. The East reveals sheltered bays where elusive creatures find solace, basking in the feeble rays of sunlight that penetrate the fog. South, one may catch sight of Manannán's castle, granted the Féth Fíada deems it so. Ungerer's Lookout in the west reveals a breathtaking vantage point, when the slumbering sage allows the fog to thin. 

'Fog Island' - A3 Limited Print

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