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Animation work

Character Rigging and Asset Creation

I have proudly worked for many years with the Award-winning Irish Animation company Wiggleywoo, as Character Rigger and Asset Creator. 

Christina O Donovan Illustration Wiggleywoo

Productions I have worked on Include:
'Tea with the Dead' - Award Winning Adult Animated short Series
'The Day Henry Met...?' - Award Winning Pre School Series, Season1-4
'Doopeydoo' - Preschool Shorts
'Scribe' - Adult Animated short Series
'Aer Lingus, The Chronicles of Keith' - Aerlingus and Irish Rugby Short Animation
'Tony and Abigail' - In Development
'Finula Gilhooley' - In Development
'Farmer Mo' - In Development

A selection of our Animation work in action can be seen below.

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